Blender Renders
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Small collection of experiments using "style-transfer," a machine learning project by Frank Liu that applies the aesthetic style and colors of one image to the details and composition of another. The code for style-transfer is available at
CSCI-4809 Final Project
CSCI-4809 Final Project
Final Project Renders for an introductory 3D rendering and animation course at CU
  • Skeleton Archer Skeleton Archer
  • Tree Tree
  • Amethyst Amethyst
  • Himat Himat
  • Array Array
  • Hybrid Hybrid
  • Gas Giant Gas Giant
  • Rain Rain
  • idk idk
  • Grid Grid
  • Dot Emblem Dot Emblem
  • f1939795648 f1939795648
  • Stars on Fire Stars on Fire
  • Sapphire Skull Sapphire Skull
  • Skull Skull
  • Hummingbird Emblem Hummingbird Emblem
  • Fishegg Fishegg
  • Dodge Neon R/T Dodge Neon R/T
  • Beretta M93R Beretta M93R
  • Abandoned Silo Abandoned Silo
  • Low Poly Landscape Low Poly Landscape
  • Jovian Sea Jovian Sea
  • Emerald Lattice Emerald Lattice
  • Magic System Magic System
  • prism lite prism lite
  • Tris Tris