This is my keyboard. It is built from a Ducky Shine III (Cherry MX Brown) with magenta keyswitch LEDs. All of the keycaps are double-shot PBT and dampened with thick transparent O-rings. Each and every individual keyswitch is hand lubricated for a much smoother typing experience. The frame is padded with iron adhesive weights with adhesive foam to dampen and absorb micro-vibrations caused by typing. I designed the frame, door, wrist-rest, and controller box in Blender then 3D printed with PLA. Just about all of the pieces are fastened with typical computer fan screws, 150+. The LED lightbars use Adafruit NeoPixel LED strips. The dev board that controls the lighting and door mechanism is the Adafruit Metro (an Arduino Uno clone). The round knob on the front tweaks the color of the lightbars. The whole exterior frame uses a 60 watt power brick to keep the LEDs and motor properly powered. The actual keyboard itself is still USB-powered and functions normally even if the frame has no power.